A Skyship pilot from the Winter kingdom of Jelnik.


Ruth is a fantastic pilot and an experienced leader. She is currently serving on Hector’s ship, The Defiance, as its First Mate. When he’s not on board, she is acting captain.

Ruth doesn’t tire easily, and is good with a sword, but she is so recently ascended that she has no idea what her real strengths and abilities are yet, or how they measure up against other people of Substance.

Ruth is 26 years old, and since she’s just recently ascended, she looks her age, maybe just a touch younger.


Born in Jelnik, a 16th century era kingdom in the Winter arc of the Silver Lattice, Ruth became a pilot for that kingdom’s skyships at a very early age. Always a great prodigy, she managed to save and gamble her way into owning a ship earlier than almost anyone before her. She was the captain of a skyship called The Evening Star for five years before she ascended.

Ruth ascended when she piloted a ship across a terrible storm, a vast ocean, and through a flight of dragons in order to win a bet. Had she lost, her freedom would have been forfeit, instead, she won a cargo of gold and jewels such as she had never dreamed possible.

The irony was that after her ascension, she found that jewlery and coin came extremely easily to those who walk in Shadow. Having raced her skyship for prize money, smuggled goods, and engaged in the occasional act of piracy, the idea that money had no value was a big blow to Ruth.

So she came to Regnum in search of adventure and purpose. It was a bit of a tough decision for her to step down from being a captain and become the first mate on the Defiance, but she is very newly ascended, and realized that Hector had a great deal more age and experiance than she. The thing that finally won her over was the fact that Hector plans to build several ships. He can’t captain them all at once, so Ruth stands a good chance of getting her own ship, eventually.


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