The Crown of Spring

Villains and Quests
Session 0

Invited by Imperator Bleys to Regnum, six Amberites gathered in its still newly gleaming halls. How many more received invitations and did not respond is unknown, if any. But those that arrived were weary of affairs in Amber, seeking renown and adventure in a place not dominated by powerful Amberites and Chaosians.

Lands and position were promised, with the expectation of course, that such would have to be earned in service to Regnum.

Grand Duke Landis explained some of the differences in Regnum to the new visitors, and encouraged them to walk the Regnum version of the Pattern, in order to ease their way in the new shadows. Of the six that gathered, two declined to take the walk. For their own reasons, Lucien of Harendark and Warren of Chaos and Regnum chose to eschew the walk.

The rest persevered, Hector leading the effort but appearing the most drained of everyone by the effort. No one appeared injured or otherwise hurt by the pattern walk, and while the Regnum pattern would answer a question to those that dared it, no one disclosed what question they had asked.

With the Pattern walking concluded, the Principessa of Regnum, one Corynn, arrived to meet the guests. She was upset that she had not been invited to the Pattern trials, and offered to show the guests something interesting.

Whatever that was may remain unknown forever, as on the way the Princepessa was struck down by an assassin. Maze and Lucien were so zealous in their efforts to chase the assassin that they threw themselves out a window, and did dire battle with a snake made of smoke. The snake escaped but the assassin died after revealing vital information.

Giselle kept in trump contact with Maze, providing him with a backup during the fight, and getting him back to the castle in good time once the snake was driven off.

Meanwhile, Warren used the Logrus to investigate the assassin’s entry point or hiding place, and Hector called his family friend Jaela to help heal Corynn. The healer chosen was Kuru of Ashghan, which caused quite a stir, but her efforts were very successful. Kuru halted the poison in Corynn, and revealed that a rare flower could save her.

From there it was a quest! Hector had been given a vision by the Pattern of the flower in question, and thus could lead the expedition through shadow. Warren and Aldric had pressing engagements, but the rest were able to mount up almost immediately and ride in search of this flower.

The quest carried our heroes out into Regnum’s shadows, along the paths of the Spring portion of the Silver Lattice. Along the way, a ruined tower held some answers to the nature of the assasin, and mighty snow beasts opposed them as they climbed a mountain.

The group gained an ally, one Sal who was formerly a Prince, long cursed, and finally ascended. Lucien unleashed Abyssal energies to some strange end, which made his companions very nervous.

Despite all the trials, the flower was won. Giselle provided a timely return to Regnum via her Trumps, and the flower was administered. To the delight of all, the Principessa made an immediate recovery to life and consciousness, though she was obviously still in need of a longer-term recuperation from her deadly wound.

With the day won, our heroes had no choice but to celebrate!

Volume 1
The Crown of Spring


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