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Wizardry (20 Points)

Wizardry is a way of using magic, discovered by the Elves of Losina. Wizards draw there power, and release it to do various effects on the surrounding area. The more dramatic the spell, the more energy must be gathered, the elves call this energy Aether. There are alot of different methods to gather the energy, most commonly the energy is drawn from the wizard and his surroundings. The amount of energy and the speed of which it can be gathered is based on Psyche. The length of time the energy can be held for unused, and the sheer amount of time the wizard can continue casting.

A note on Casting
Wizard effects are always related to the caster, the further away the wizard attempts to affect something the harder it is to do. Effecting fire in the same room as you is much easier than a nearby hilltop. Wizards are generally not subtle when they cast, often taking upon some sort of mystical effect, be it glowing or unknown winds swirling about them.

Many wizards find it convenient to carry around various focus items. A focus item is attuned to a specific type of effect or item the wizard wishes to act with. All wizards gain one focus for free. Focus items can be things like staffs, rings, amulets or the like. When a wizard is acting in the way his focus is meant to significantly more precise actions can be taken.

At the basic levels of wizardry, the easiest thing for a wizard to do is to manipulate something that already exists, such as controlling the spread of a fire, causing a door to open. This can also be used to cause a door to crumple. The more dramatic the effect the more Aether it takes.

Transform Aether
This is how wizards generally attack, they take there Aether and turn it into something and hurl it at there enemies. Most wizards use something akin to fire or lightning, though the Aether can be formed into solids etc. This can also be used to create basic shapes and items, but nothing complex.


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