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The city of Regnum is situated on a great plain with the occasional rolling hill or patch of forest. To the west and south of Regnum lies the Forest Lorn, a vast expanse of forest covering high hills broken only occasionally by cloud covered daggerlike mountains.

The city itself is built on the top of a cliff face below which runs the River Telenia. Tall spires connected by thin bridges soar above the city top, many wreathed in fog or low clouds. At the edge of the cliff above the river is the Crystal Palace, all white stone with gold accent ornamented with crystal in a variety of hues and colors.

There are four major directions the lattice flows from Regnum, each of these paths is named after one of the four seasons. These paths are largely at cardinal directions from Regnum, though they are all interconnected. Winter is to the north, Spring to the east, Summer to the south and Autumn to the west. That is why Regnum is sometimes known as the Court of Seasons.


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